José Benavente

Hey there, I'm the guy behind the BGM pseudonym. I see you've found my about me page, so I guess this is where I tell you a bit more about myself! I like classic-styled websites, so I hope you enjoy reading!

Like you've probably read around my site, I'm a software developer! I'm Chilean, 22 years old, and I've been programming since I was like 16-17 maybe? Can't quite remember honestly.

I'm the kind of developer who actually reads the manuals, one who likes to get a complete understanding of the tools he's using, and also the kind that truly enjoys the stuff he does. I pick my tools wisely, and I stick to them for as long as possible! There are no better frameworks or applications than the ones you don't have to replace (at least not often haha).

I voluntarily help translate and proofread a few languages for the popular game Minecraft, purely as a hobby since 2017. I’ve played the game for many, many years, and I guess you could call Minecraft itself one of my hobbies too. If you're Chilean and you've played Minecraft in Spanish before, guess where "Marraqueta" came from!

Then you've got Re-Volt, the game from my childhood I somehow ended up working on... yeah. You must be starting to see a pattern here. Whenever I like something, I tend to get really involved. I could go on, but I think you've got the idea.