Published on September 17, 2023

Welcome to my very own museum on the web! Now for real though, The “BGM Museum” is my attempt at creating a personal blog. Here I will publish anything I find is worth the writing effort. Many times, whether it is whilst working on my stuff or just tinkering with software pieces, I find interesting things I’ve never had a place to share at… well, now I do!

I’ve been working on software development projects for around 7 years now. At first, they were all small side projects, but they continuously grew in complexity as I got more familiar with the the tools I was using, the people and communities I was working with, and the field as a whole.

Today, I work on several projects in my spare time, like Re-Volt: OpenGL, an RC Cars racing game from ‘99, Re-Volt America’s community website and infrastructure, devtools and frameworks I maintain for everyone to use. Most of these things you may find on my GitHub and GitLab personal profiles, where you can look me up under my alias “BGMP”. This site also includes a showcase or “portfolio” of the stuff I work on, so feel free to check those out.

I might get around to write a more detailed post about where I started as a developer, what were the first steps I took to get where I am today, and other things you may find interesting. For now though, I think this post is enough of an introduction.

See you around!